It's Official. Mungkin

So, It's official then, our start up company will be named as 'Ponsiqou'
"ponsiqou' means thank you in bahasa Dusun. I am not Dusun tho. I am murut. But hearing this word 'ponsiqou' actually brights my days. So I hope my customer will feel the same as receiving our services. 

The services that we will provide are as below:

1. T-shirt Printing. 
2. Button Badges
3. Business Card
4. Sticker
5. many more to come. InsyaAllah

And, if anyone like to order any T-shirt, Button Badges, Business Card and Sticker for Sabahan especially, do Pm or Whatsapp : 0132652714, 

my Fb link :

Instagram :

Romelia Saineh

WeChat :

Scan je, senang..
lastly, Doakan saya kawan kawan ;)

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