Random Rant

its saturday. 5.00 PM tepat!!
I should hit the road by now.. 
But I miss doing my random rant..
and I know.. You miss me right???

Sepatutnya habis kerja saya terus balik keningau.
Tapi 2 minit sebelum pukul 5, CL saya minta data..
Nasib baik tinggal copy paste aja..
and Alhamdulillah, all tasks are done for the week..

Next 2 weeks going to be very tiring I guess...
Got training until thursday, and after that I will work alone for 7 days..
all the best I guess...

kerja is fine.. Tapi...
u know the word 'tapi..' means..
maybe I can handle pressure. maybe...
What sadden me is the way some of my co express their feeling..
I am ok for being mad at..I am fine.. but not all people are like that
It is NOT ok to blame someone that should not have the blame.
apa aku merepek ni???

I am ok.. but I am not ok to see the way you treat people in such manners..
Maybe, me myself pun marah...But that is not the way..
kalau salah cakap salah.
and kalau tidak salah, bincang..
I think the matters been brought so many times now..
either you are not listening or, you never learnt from the past.

aku merepek... dan sangat merepek.. ok lah.. balik keningau...
and if u miss me, u know how to find me..


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