Saya Pon tengah Bosan.Kut

1. How tall are you? 152cm

2. How many relationships have you had? 0.tipu kut

3. What is your eye color? black

4. If you could go anywhere right now, where would you go? Bali?

5. What was the last movie you watched? Hercules.

6. What was the last thing you drank? Plain water

7. What is something you’ve done that you really regret? ermmm percaya dekat orang

8. If you’re not a vegetarian, how do you like your meat cooked? Kari kambing

9. What are your favorite bands? bands?? 2NE1 kira band ke?

10. Least favorite bands? xda idea

11. What countries have you been to? not yet

12. If you could speak any language, what would it be? english. arabic

13. What is your favorite season? haha season iklim khatulistiwa

14. What is your favorite Disney movie? Frozen. btw sailormoon tu bukan disney kut,

15. Do you have a Skype? yes

16. Do you have any embarrassing email addresses? If so, what are they? ermm qimpacns tu means qimpa cute and sweet.. kidding... cns tu tempat kerja lama

17. What is your favorite color? Blue

18. What is a trend you don’t understand? Trend sekarang ni semua tak boleh nak faham

19. How old are you? 25 24

20. Did you have any crushes that you currently regret? YES

21. When was the last time you were really sick?  year 2013. Accident ari tu.. sampai kena operate bagai

22. What is your favorite fruit? buah buahan tempatan =))

23. Do you have any favorite fictional characters? Dr. Sheikh Muzaphar boleh x?

24. What was/is your favorite subject in school? Math 

25. What is your favorite book? The twilight Saga

26. What is something you have always wanted to know? is he really OK actually?

27. What is your most favorite memory? banyak.. 

28. Who are some of the funniest people you know? ermmm entah la.. (lama gila fikir y ni)

29. Have you ever fallen in love? mungkin.

30. What is your favorite animal? Cat.Cat.Cat.Cat.Cat

31. What are you most afraid of? Snake

32. What was the best vacation you’ve ever been on? ermmm banyak =))

33. What is your favorite drink? Nescafe Ais.

34. What stereotype do you think is the worst? Dia-fikir-dia-sangat-famous-kut

35. What is your favorite flower? Actually I don't have any

36. How do you usually style your hair?  ikat macam ekor kuda. kalau rambut saya panjang la..

37. What is your hair color? pink. nampak kat aku tipu

38. Who are your favorite actors/actresses? Jenifer Lawrence. seryes minat gila Katnis Everdeen

39. What is your favorite tv show at the moment? My Kitchen Rules.

40. When was the last time that you were really sad? Hari pertama training dekat Beringis.;P

41. Can you speak more than just one language? yes, c++ pun boleh tw

42. What are some personality traits that you can’t stand? Liar!! Liar!!! Hipokrit.. mungkir janji

43. What was one of your worst phases? I don't know and I don't even care

44. What was the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever said? Menangis sebab maggi. sampai sekarang kena bahan. dammit

45. Do you own a lot of posters? no

46. How many different places have you lived in? 2 (Sabah  and KL ja la)

47. What was the worst vacation that you have ever been on? Dekat Kedah dan masa tu rasa kena betray sangat sangat.. sampai sekarang tak boleh terima.. sampai sekarang kecewa

48. Is there a person that you no longer talk to that you’d like to see again? yes.. 

49. Describe your current crush. Abang sado?

50. Ask what you want. be well, be real. 


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