Lately perut selalu sungguh berirama pelik pelik..
Pelik sangat... jantung rasa mahu meletup..
BUtterfly??? rasa tidak.. sebab memang tidak...
Lama fikir...
It's been four years now.. wou??
And I always thought time will heal what people cannot heal..
Bila cakap pasal these four years,
aku mengigil.. But it's probably because of the air-conditioner now..
Well, some people say, the song that played in our mind is the song that happens to us..
But, the song kind of mixed all together nowadays.
I really don't wanna think about it..
But the stomach aches distract me a lot...
And then, me start downloading all these old songs.. macam MLTR, M2M, CARPENTERS
But NONE from these four years memory...
It's a good sign. Very good indeed.. But why must I feel the pain?


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