My sister Engagement

Yo, me teda dekat sana kay!! gambar curi dari facebook mama..  
huaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa wanna go home (T.T) 
really am... 
Yesterday this little sister called me and say sorry that she can't wait for me to finish my exam..

Masri just can't wait, he will be in training for a long time starting on 9th of jan..
so, seharusnya tunang no need lama lama kan.. 
Masih berharap ada dekat sana masa tu..
But No need to be childish and selfish here...
Poor me... 

The whole week, I've been homesick and I cried like a baby when I asked mom how is it going..
Mom said the food was very good!!
Must be my Aunties' cooking.. it must be!!!
siapa lagi kan?? tak sanggup nak tersedu sedu dengan mama, I talk to bibie.. fikirkan better... Tapi x jugak..
Last sekali aku cakap..
K bai! the conversation Ends.

apa apa pun,
  congratulations for you lil' sista...


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